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Reviews from my Off-Broadway debut in

"With A Little Help It's John Belushi" 

"Major cheers for Keith Saltojanes' convincing performance as Dan Aykroyd."


"Keith goes all in as the multi-talented Dan Aykroyd."

"Dan Aykroyd is played by Saltojanes, who was a standout in the show. Seeing his movements and hearing him speak, he so resembled Aykroyd!"


"The actor playing Dan Aykroyd also does a great job!"


"[Keith as the] Dan character has a great voice and acting."


"The guy playing Aykroyd was absolutely uncanny."


"Dan Aykroyd, portrayed brilliantly by Keith Saltojanes."



"Keith Saltojanes is extraordinarily gifted, very much of a Miles Davis."

     - Forbes Magazine

"LA's most inspiring stories."

    - Voyage LA Magazine

"Kudos to Keith Saltojanes who found a novel way to get people to look at a script he wrote."

     - AV Club

"[Keith's] unique approach is bound to be imitated several times over."

    - The Nerdist

"[Keith] pulls the rug out in such a clever way that I have to stand and applaud him."

     - Action-a-Gogo

“Charmingly Intense.”

     - Geek Authority

"Fall on the floor lunacy. Brilliant."

     - Tony Hendra (original editor of National Lampoon magazine & writer/director of Lemmings)

Testimonials: (via former clients)

"Keith is a pro that deliberately sets the stage for everything to fall into place."

"Keith is not only a master of his craft, but an excellent teacher as well."

"He has so much energy and passion for what he does."


"The experience was life-changing."


"Keith has an amazing wealth of knowledge and great ability to reaches to all levels and experiences."

"Keith is exceptional and really knows what he's doing."


"[Keith] is passionate, talented, funny, and amazing at what they do." 


"Keith is a very gifted comedian."

"Keith is hilarious and helps bring out the comedy within."

"My experience with Keith was more than what I expected.... he is an an inspiration!"

"If you are looking for a MASTER JEDI... then Keith is your guy."


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