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The Writer

My scripts have received the following recognition:

• Featured in Forbes Magazine

• Writer: CBS Diversity Showcase

• Finalist: ABC Writing Talent Showcase

• Finalist: Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship

• Original Script featured by and A.V. Club

• Winner: Los Angeles Comedy Festival “Best Sketch Group” 

• Official Selection in over 50 International Film Festivals

• 100+ million original video views featured by The Huffington Post,

  Buzzfeed, Reddit, UCB Comedy, & FunnyOrDie

• Written for comedians from SNL, MADtv, In Living Color, and Mr. Show

My original television scripts include:

Sci-Fi & Comedy

Hotel Mars

   Finalist Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship


   "Fast-paced, with clever and humorous dialogue tells a

    captivating story....unique within the superhero genre" - Black List

Ship It

    "Highly impressive, infectious grasp of innovation" - Black List

Spaceship Earth

   "Pilot is both inventive and entertaining with solid world building" - Black List


Animated Adult

Blues Brothers series

Percy Miracles 

Other Comedy

My Dad (The Wrestler)

Sketch Comedy

My television specs include:



Marvel's Spider-man Animated

Rick & Morty




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